Esther W/ELCA


 Esther Women of the ELCA

Meetings: Second Thursday of each month at Esther Church, 1:30p.m. unless otherwise stated.

Dawn Kreidler Chair
Megan Blomgren
Vicky Arvidson
Sue Ellwanger
Elaine Fyhrie
Inez Haase
Jennifer Higgs
Shelly Hoppe
Laurie Ratajesak
Gloria Rosenquist
Terri Sather
Bea Skoglund
Stephanie Stueve
Jakki Wehking
Margaret Wehking
Linda Arvidson Chair
Yuvonne Anderson
Bev Arvidson
Jessica Arvidson
Joan Arvidson
Mandy Arvidson
Colleen Burquest
Joan Burquest
Marcia Guenther
Nancy Hendershot
Deb Koep
Kayla Lorine
Marge Nelson
Carrie Price
Cindy Skoglund
Amy Stanley
Stephanie Velde
Donna Pederson Chair
LeeAnn Aldrich
Nancy Bunde
Sharon Carlson
Lana Doll
Christy Hart
Georgia Hart
Lorrie Pomeranz
Amanda Sansness
Jaci Schlosser
Angie Steele
Judy Thoennes
Luella Thom
Jewel Townsend
Karin Wagner
Lisa Wunderlich












Lucille Skoglund, Lorraine Truax, Lois Rosenquist, Elsie Heiser, Audrey Arvidson, Joan Arvidson,Colleen Burquest

All family members are welcome and encouraged to help at any event when a WELCA circle servers.

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